Welcome to the Cantina Rotaliana

A young and dynamic wine-cooperative

Our winery is a young and dynamic wine-cooperative with more than 80 years of history. We bring together the expertise and know-how of five generations of winegrowers, who are passionate about farming wine grapes in Trentino, in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana and other finest vineyard areas of our region.

The winey has always been played an important economic role for its stakeholders, who have made vine-growing an art, a passion and a profession.


Welcome to Trentino,
alpine region full of rural traditions, medieval towns and
magnificent mountains.
Welcome to the Piana Rotaliana,
the most beautiful vineyard-garden in Europe, natural habitat of the real Teroldego Rotaliano.
Welcome to the Cantina Rotaliana

The Director of the Cantina Sociale di Mezzolombardo

growing passion

the work in the wineyards

The work in the vineyards requires time, commitment and dedication, especially during the harvest time, a key moment when all family members participate in the manual harvest of grapes.
Only the expert and caring hands of these vine-growers can take care of the vine, selecting grapes and picking them at the right time.
In some cases, the vine-growing activity is backed up by another business, like breeding farms, Bed&Breakfast and farm holidays. Thus, the land is the cornerstone of our stakeholders’ economic life and an important resource to be preserved.

Work in the vineyard: Cantina Rotaliana harvest

Entrepreneurs and wine-growers

dedication to winegrowing

Our team of vine-growers includes farming entrepreneurs, who are fully employed in agriculture, together with part-time workers, who farm small vineyards and supplement their incomes with other activities.
In addition to our founding stakeholders, who belong to the winery founding families, the cooperative gathers a new generation vine-growers who, often following a schooling in agriculture, decide to make viticulture their profession.

These young members give new life to the company structure, as they bring new skills and actively participate in managing the winery.
Many personal histories, but just a common aim: committing to produce finest grapes to obtain excellent wines able to epitomize their land: Trentino.

Dedizione per la coltivazione

Innovation and tradition

Our mission

Our mission is the production of top-quality wines, the result of a successful combination of innovation, tradition and environmental awareness.

In the vineyard, that means offering all our vine-growers specific technical support, in order to introduce new and sustainable practices for producing high quality grapes.

In the winery, oenological excellence comes, on the one hand, from adopting wine-making processes based on research and experimentation and, on the other, form keeping the traditional style.

Our commitment to safeguarding our land and its native vines is part of an ambitious project: promoting a positive attitude of men, that should act as custodians and not masters of our planet, preserving agriculture values.

This is why in each one of our wines, you can find the unique flavor of love and a deep bond with our land.

harvesting in the Teroldego vineyards
Love for the territory