Q wine of excellence

an ambitious project

The Piana Rotaliana is an amazing wine region, where are produced some of the finest wines of Trentino.
Clesurae is one of them.

This wine is the result of an ambitious Quality project, started by Cantina Rotaliana in 1996, aimed to obtain over time a most complex and extensive expression of Teroldego.

Teroldego Clesurae

The origins

The best vineyards

The Latin term “Clesurae” brings us back to the time, when some fields inside a wide cultivated area were closed because they were considered as the top quality ones. This is therefore the name that best summarizes this philosophy of excellence, without compromises in the vineyard nor in the winery.

To obtain the necessary superb grape, few vineyards that were historically considered as the best, were identified in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana, where grapevines had an average age of at least 40-50 years. New techniques of thinning – very rigid in order to achieve the perfect vegetation-production equilibrium – and of vinification – in small French oak barrels -have been there applied.

Teroldego Rotaliano Clesurae
Teroldego Rotaliana Clesurae

the winemaking process

fermentation & and ageing

What does distinguish Clesurae from the traditional Teroldego Rotaliano?
First of all, the malo-lactate fermentation process and the aging of this wine happen entirely in barriques (small French oak barrels 225 litres in size) where Clesuræ stays for 24 months. During this time the wine undergoes a series of transformations, as the oxygen gradually softens and smooths the vivacity of this red wine, making it more balanced and rounded.
Second, with respect to bottle ageing, the wine spends at least 24 months in the bottle, before being release revealing to wine-lovers its intriguing character.
That makes Clesurae a great wine.

Teroldego Rotaliano Clesurae

Our satisfacion

Awards and accolades

A distinctive charm that doesn’t take long to seduce. In fact, thanks to its Teroldego Rotaliano Clesuræ vintage 1999 and 2002, for the first time after its establishment, Cantina Rotaliana obtains one of the most prestigious award for a wine producer: 3 bicchieri Guida Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso.

Year after year, vintage after vintage, this teroldego of international class continues to collect prestigious awards: 5 Grappoli Bibenda (for nine times in a row), one of the Best 10 Italian Wines 2014, the 2° Best Italian Red Wine according to Luca Maroni and TOP Wine SlowWine, Clesuræ is acclaimed as one of Italy’s wine stars.
An outstanding, extremely elegant and seducing wine.
Clesurae «wine of the mind, soul and heart ».

Vintages Teroldego Rotaliano Clesurae