The Piana Rotaliana

The home of the Teroldego

The Piana Rotaliana, one of the most renowned winegrowing areas in Trentino, is the home of the Teroldego Rotaliano, a grape variety that can be cultivated in an area of about 400 hectares in size, 160 of which belong to the Cantina Rotaliana’s vine growers.
The Campo Rotaliano was formed in ancient times by a glacier which broke through what is now the Rocchetta Pass to the north and flattened a plain surrounded by massive mountains.

The unique combination of the fertile valley floor nourished by the Noce and Adige Rivers and the surrounding mountains, which protect the vineyards from the North wind and retain warmth, create perfect conditions for ripening Teroldego grapes.
The Cantina Rotaliana’s 160 hectares of vineyards are planted with superior Teroldego clones, only on the best part of the plain, the western side, which is the former River Noce bed, rich in glacial sediments.

Maso Cervara


Grape varieties

In addition to Teroldego, other red grapes find an ideal habitat in this area: among them LagreinCabernet e Merlot, which however represent a very small percentage of the grapes grown in the Campo Rotaliano.

Right outside the Piana Rotaliana, in the municipalities of S. Michele all’Adige (to the east) Nave San Rocco, Zambana and Lavis (to the South) are cultivated other grape varieties such as Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay that have found their ideal habitat in the fertile vineyards on the left bank of River Adige.

Vineyards of Teroldego Rotaliano