CANTINA ROTALIANA is “Benchmark Producer” in Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0

Italian Wine unplugged

3 March 2023

CANTINA ROTALIANA has been indicated as a “Benchmark Producer” in “Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0“, the new book edited by Stevie Kim, with the contribution from Professor Attilio Scienza. It was «designed as a comprehensive yet concise introduction to Italian wine and its native grapes. This book is a must read for students of Italian wine and wine lovers in general, providing up to date, useful and accessible content about a multi-layered and challenging subject. Included for the first time in this edition are benchmark producers for each grape, making it easier for wine enthusiasts to source and taste reliable, quality examples of Italian wines currently available on the international market».

Cantina is “Benchmark Producer” in the section
Grape by Grape – Lagrein variety (p. 268).