The enchanting valley

The land of Groppello

Before becoming the “Kingdom of apples” the Non Valley, ancient home of the Groppello, was already well known for its flourishing wine-growing activity. In fact, in 1852 Agostino Perini, in his work Dizionario Geografico statistico del Trentino, acclaimed the vines of this valley of which Groppello di Revò was considered the most prestigious.

As the years went by, with the spread of the intensive cultivation of apples and the gradual abandonment of wine-growing, this vine did not disappear only thanks to the meticulous work of a small group of wine growers who have continued to believe in the potential of Groppello di Revò. Due to the intuition of these men, considered by many people as idealists and “visionaries”, this vine has been rediscovered, promoted and safeguarded.

The production vineyard, less than an hectar, is located in an area called Terza Sponda of the Val di Non.
It is characterized by many small plots of cultivated land near the shores of the S. Giustina reservoir.
In these vineyards, where due to the steep gradient of the land it is not possible to use any kind of machinery, Groppello has found its ideal habitat, gaining in fragrance and vigour of taste thanks to a perfect exposure to the sun, the air and the steep temperature drop at night characteristic of these high lands (650m).

Lake of Santa Giustina, Val di Non