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The Winery

Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo benvenuti
Barricaia interno - © Zotta

The Earth is not a legacy that we receive from our parents, but a loan that our children make to us, in order that we safeguard it and return it to them. The land is generous and supplies everything necessary to those who take care of it. Our planet is a mother for all of us and it asks for respect and not violence. We must hand it on to our children, cared for and improved.

Pope Francis
Meeting Idee di Expo 2015

The words of Pope Francis are inspiring and unforgettable.
Our mission is the production of top-quality wines, the result of a successful combination of innovation, tradition and environmental awareness.
In the vineyard, that means offering all our vine-growers specific technical support, in order to introduce new and sustainable practices for producing high quality grapes.
In the winery, oenological excellence comes, on the one hand, from adopting wine-making processes based on research and experimentation and, on the other, form keeping the traditional style.
Our commitment to safeguarding our land and its native vines is part of an ambitious project: promoting a positive attitude of men, that should act as custodians and not masters of our planet, preserving agriculture values.
For all these reasons our wines have a clear identity that evokes the complexity of our region and the authenticity of our community.
Cantina Rotaliana:

wines who speak Trentino

Vendemmia del Groppello - © Zotta
Pieve Francescana - © Valerio Banal