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How Trentodoc became Trentino ’s signature sparkling wine
Trentino is the land of TRENTODOC, a fine sparkling wine obtained using Metodo Classico, a natural process whereby the wine undergoes second fermentation in the bottle, maturing in contact with the lees for at least 15 months.
The glorious history of TRENTODOC began in the early 1900’s, when the Champenoise Metode was brought to Trentino, an excellent terroir for the grapes used in the production of metodo classico sparkling wines: chardonnay and pinot bianco above all.

Form Chardonnay & Pinot Noir to TRENTODOC
The grapes used for TRENTODOC are generally picked earlier, when sugar levels are lower and acid levels higher.
When grapes arrive to the winery are placed in steel vats where they are cooled down. The day after the whole grapes are softly pressed in order to obtain the must just from the best part of the pulp.

The geographical position of the vineyards is very important. In fact, the land is the element that has the greatest impact on improving the vine’s vigour, determining its virtues and the final and distinctive features of the wine obtained. chardonnay and pinot nero grapes are cultivated by our stake-holders on the hills around Piana Rotaliana, in Val di Cembra and Val di Non at an altitude of 400 to 600 meters. Here these grapes have found their ideal habitat, gaining in fragrance and vigour of taste thanks to a perfect exposure to the sun, the air and the steep temperature drop at night characteristic of these hills. Thanks to these perfect climate conditions the vine has less vigour and more balance.

After first fermentation, the blend, known as the cuvée is assembled, using different base-wines. The blended wine is put in bottles along with yeast, a small amount of sugar and still Champagne wine, called the liqueur de tirage, and stored in a wine cellar horizontally, for a second fermentation in the bottle. After aging in contact with the lees, the bottles undergo a process known as riddling for 6-8 weeks, when the bottle is pointed straight down with sediment in the neck of the bottle.

After disgorging and before corking, each maison add its own secret recipe for the liqueur d'expédition, adding various ingredients.

Cantina Rotaliana and Trentodoc paths cross in the early 2000's when, thanks to an increasing production of chardonnay and pinot nero grapes of different structure and flavors, Mr. Pilati, our oenologist decides to release a new product, able to epitomize the features of these excellent quality grapes, cultivated on the fresh and sunny hills and valleys of Trentino.
In 2006 these grapes, fine and fragrant, produce our TRENTODOC,a sparkling wine as seductive and breathtaking as its land, Trentino