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The Clesuræ Project

Clesuræ Teroldego Rotaliano

Throughout the last decades, a new demanding group of wine-lovers, focused on topics like quality and terroir, has significantly grown. This keen interest in wine and its habitat is well demonstrated by the increasing popularity of wine tourism, that every year bring wine-lovers to different wine regions like the Rotaliana Plain.

This little vineyard garden, unique in its kind, is one of the world's most fascinating vineyards sites, with an amazing terroir, the result of the Noce stream which nourished the fertile valley floor of the Rotaliana Plain. Promoting and safeguarding this land and its resources is one of the main goal of Cantina Rotaliana, we effectively pursue protecting Trentino's farmlands and producing wines able to embody not only the meticulous work of men, but also the distinguishing mark of its origins.
Due to these firm beliefs, since the 1999 vintage Cantina Rotaliana decides to produce a new Teroldego wine of international class.

Clesuræ is the name of this new and “different” Teroldego Rotaliano wine, the result of a project, without compromises, whose key words are quality and high standard of excellence.
Clesuræ is a Latin term which evokes the ancient times when some open fields, considered the best, were enclosed. This name has been chosen as it epitomises the core winemaking style of this new wine based on low yields, oak- and bottle-ageing.

With respect to the first point, sure that this kind of wine could be the result only of the very finest grapes, the oenologists of cantina Rotaliana select, in the heart of the Campo Rotaliano, the vineyards historically considered as the best for the cultivation of Teroldego and with an average vine age of 40/50 years. Every year, after veraison, more than 30% of the bunches are thinned to reduce the crop and enhance its health, obtaining grapes rich in sugar and extracts.
Furthermore, since the 1999 vintage the winery introduces a new model of paying for Clesuræ grapes, guarantying a fixed income per hectare focused on the quality rather than the size of the crop.

As it has been already said, there are two other aspects in which Clesuræ differs from the traditional Teroldego Rotaliano. First of all, the malo-lactate fermentation process and the aging of this wine happen entirely in barriques (small French oak barrels 225 litres in size) where Clesuræ stays for 24 months. During this time the wine undergoes a series of transformations, as the oxygen gradually softens and smoothes the vivacity of this red wine, making it more balanced and rounded.
With respect to bottle ageing, the wine spends at least 24 months in the bottle, before being release revealing to wine-lovers its intriguing character.

A distinctive charm that doesn’t take long to seduce. In fact, thanks to its Teroldego Rotaliano Clesuræ 1999, for the first time after its establishment Cantina Rotaliana obtains one of the most prestigious award for a wine producer: 3 bicchieri Guida ai Vini d'Italia Gambero Rosso.
Clesuræ represents a great success of Cantina Rotaliana; every year this wine obtains many awards that constantly well repay the efforts of the winery stakeholders and staff. Also Teroldego Rotaliano Clesurae 2002 obtains 3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso, another success that makes us proud.

Year after year, vintage after vintage, this teroldego of international class continues to collect prestigious awards: 5 Bunches Bibenda (for seven times in a row), one of the Best 10 Italian Wines 2014, the 2° Best Italian Red Wine according to Luca Maroni and TOP Wine SlowWine 2021, Clesuræ is acclaimed as one of Italy's wine stars.
An outstanding, extremely elegant and seducing wine.

Clesurae «wine of the mind, soul and heart ».