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Teroldego Rotaliano

Teroldego Rotaliano is a vigorous, powerful wine, with a dry, lightly tannic and full-bodied flavour. It has a dark purple colour, succulent flavours of back-cherry, wild fruits and dark plums and notes of smoke, herbs and almonds. In its young versions, it is a concentration of freshness. Aged, it stands out for its fine texture and exceptional balance of fruit preserves and deep colour.

Its habitat

Piana Rotaliana is a name that comes from ancient Illyrian-Celthic words meaning “plain where to pay dazio”.
The strong bond between Teroldego and its land is evident if we consider that all the attempts made in the past to spread the cultivation of this grape to other areas failed miserably. In fact, thanks to its climatic conditions, the Rotaliana Plain is the natural habitat of Teroldego that here produces the best results, with grapes ideal for producing lush, deeply flavoured yet fresh, expressive and complex wines.
What makes the Rotaliana Plain so unique?
This land was formed in ancient times by a glacier which flattened a plain surrounded by massive mountains. Here the Noce river, through its slow flow, led to the creation of a subsoil rich in a multi-layered structure and composed of gravel and alluvial pebbles of different materials: from granite to alpine limestone, from dolomite to porphyritic sandstone. All these stones, which keep the soil well drained, are only 80 cm (2,6247 ft) deep. For this reason within the Rotaliana Plain we can find a fertile cultivated soil, which plays a key role in determining the mineral, freshness, intensity, strength, and elegance of Teroldego Rotaliano.
The Cantina Rotaliana’s 160 hectares of vineyards are located in the best part of the plain, the western side, which is the former Noce river bed, diverted from the heart to the south of the Campo Rotaliano in the mid-nineteenth century. These vineyards are the best as they are rich in glacial sediment, the result of an ancient glacier that transported rocks and debris abraded form its substrate.
Another key role in determining the uniqueness of the Rotaliana Plain is played by the massive mountains that surrounded this land protecting the vineyards from the North wind and retaining warmth.
Considering all these aspects, no wonder Teroldego Rotaliano has found its natural habitat in the Rotaliana Plain.

The Prince among Trentino wines

The wine Teroldego Rotaliano, obtained from native Teroldego grapes, was granted DOC status in 1971. It is planted on 500 hectares and is cultivated by many small and big producers.
Since time immemorial the vineyards located in the municipality of Mezzolombardo have been considered as the best for the production of this grape variety. These vineyards are in the heart of the Campo Rotaliano, in the best part of the alluvial plain, and they have an average age of more than 30-40 years.
Pasquari, Novali, Braide, Entichiar, Sorteselle and the Teroldeghe: these are some of the most famous and celebrated Teroldego vineyards.
Teroldego Rotaliano is rightly defined as "THE PRINCE AMONG TRENTINO WINES", as it fully embodies the character, the generosity and the quality of the oenological resources of the Trentino region.