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Grappa da Vinacce di Clesuræ

Obtained from the selected marc of Teroldego grapes harvested in the area known as "Alle Teroldeghe" in Mezzolombardo. The marc, derived from the grapes used to produce the outstanding "Clesurae" wine, is very carefully distilled with a discontinuous bain-marie still.
This white, smooth grappa is the ideal and noble conclusion to any important meal. Impossibile to resist tasting it.

€ 16,90
  • Colour

    bright and transparent

  • Nose

    intense and crisp, with bright red berry notes

  • Taste

    warm and mellow, with long finish

  • Wine Style:Dry white grappa
  • Marc:100% marc of Teroldego grapes
  • Alcohol:43.0% vol.
  • Vineyards

    In the area known as "Alle Teroldeghe" in Mezzolombardo

  • Distillation

    With discontinuous bain-marie still

  • Food pairing

    Ideal conclusion to any meal, this white grappa pairs well with gourmet pastries, coffee and dark chocolate. A perfect match for herb cheeses and chutney

  • Serving Temperature

    Before tasting, it should be left to breathe for short time. Serving temperature 12-14°C